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We take the in-person learning experience online.

Get the best training for your IELTS test in a personalized learning experience, with more than [12,000] qualified, experienced, and committed instructors lined up ready to help.

Planning to take the opportunity to study abroad, improve your skills, apply for a job or attend an international conference?

Prepare yourself as best you can for tests like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, PTE, and OET with dedicated instructors and institutions ready to take you by the hand from where you are to achieve your target score!

Getting a better score has never been easier.


Qualified Instructors

Start learning from experienced instructors.


Satisfied Students

Enrolled in our courses and improved their skills.


Live classes daily

Improve your skills using live knowledge flow.



Learn without any geographical & time limitations.

An educational experience that covers the needs of both learners and educators

IELTS Bureau is a powerful but simple learning platform that puts a wide choice of expert instructors at your fingertips. Now you can easily prepare for—IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, PTE, and more—whenever and wherever you are.

Pursuing our mission to provide a platform where every learner can access best-in-class instructors and prepare for their test without extra cost or location barriers.

This platform allows learners and instructors to communicate, collaborate, learn, and earn from wherever they are and with whatever device they like.

No extra fees, no minimum number of hours

Tailored Teaching to your needs

Whether you want crash IELTS preparation, wish to study for a few months, or need weekend lessons.

Find an instructor that suits your needs and book your first lesson

All Instructors

…This is everything you ever wanted and more!

Online & Flexible

Learn anytime, anywhere, and choose an instructor who works around you and your schedule

Best-in-Class Instructors

We recruit only the best teachers with a proven track record and are fuelled daily for students and consistently helping students getting desired bandscore.

Quality Mock Tests

Mock tests are designed by world-class and experienced trainers themselves. IELTS BUREAU guarantees the authenticity of material.

Connect with the best tutors around the world

We make learning happen for everyone; wherever you are, We are with you.

We know how it feels when you're just starting and need help with your preparation.

Whether you need more balance and flexibility or just want access to dedicated instructors and institutions worldwide, we make it easier for you to start your learning journey...

One-on-one learning experience with top-notch instructors and institutions designed to give you the personal attention you need to achieve your target score.

Whether searching for IELTS, TOEFL, or GRE, we strive to make the process as simple and affordable as possible.

Excellent opportunity to take in the lead-up to your test to make sure you have the confidence you need to ace your test

With no monthly fee, you can find the help you need when you need it.

Newest Courses

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In progress Intermediate - IELTS training (1st Month)

Intermediate - IELTS training (1st Month)

In IELTS Academic
17:00 Hours
13 Sep 2022
$ 147.5 (Inc. Tax)
In progress IELTS & PTE Academic

IELTS & PTE Academic

In PTE Academic
2:00 Hours
14 Nov 2022
$ 141.6 (Inc. Tax)


In IELTS General
100:00 Hours
5 Dec 2022
$ 212.4 (Inc. Tax)
In progress IELTS & PTE Academic

IELTS & PTE Academic

In IELTS Academic
2:00 Hours
14 Nov 2022
$ 141.6 (Inc. Tax)


In IELTS General
1:00 Hours
9 Nov 2022
$ 159.3 (Inc. Tax)

Online lessons. Real results

#What our customers say about us

Ryan Newman

Ryan Newman

Data Analyst at Microsoft

"IELTS BUREAU is the perfect option for the students who want to take classes remotely. Consistent assessments and Quality Mock tests helped me achieving my desired band score, which is 8.0."

Megan Hayward

Megan Hayward

System Administrator at Amazon

"I have had a phenomenal experience on IELTS BUREAU.Result- oriented, consistent classes delivered on time and flexible doubt clearing sessions helped me getting my desired band score which is 7.5."

Natasha Hope

Natasha Hope

IT Technician at IBM

"Trainers are excellent on IELTS BUREAU.well - structured and well-defined lessons are provided covering the nuances of all four skills. I am glad to tell that I achieved a band score of 8.5."

Laxman Chauhan

Laxman Chauhan

Chef at Lemon Tree Hotel

"I am truly thankful to online classes provided by IELTS BUREAU. I thank Jaya ma'am for providing me with consistent assessments, which helped me achieving my desired band, ie.; 5.5."

Deliver learning to a global audience

Take your teaching career one step ahead - with over 1500 students.

If you are a passionate instructor or institution who wants to eliminate the physical barriers, share your knowledge, connect with global students… All while earning.

This is an unprecedented opportunity for the instructors and institutions who are prepared to seize it.

Deliver outstanding, personalized learning experiences with a competency learning management system you can rely on.

Open up the power of virtual learning in real-time. Seamlessly deliver engaging and valuable learning experiences online to thousands of students worldwide.

Extend the reach to more learners, and earn money on your own schedule.

More exposure

Expand your reach and delight learners worldwide with flexibility in your schedule.

Improve outcomes

Create a seamless learner experience.

Generate revenue

Increase your profit margins by meeting students exactly where they are, anytime, anywhere.


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