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Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions

All the courses were developed per the curriculum outlined by the appropriate authorities. There is no assurance of any further protection.

The course only makes the promises that are stated on the website.

Teachers use appropriate judgment when educating. That won't be considered a syllabus departure.

We won't consider any requests that are difficult to grasp because of the language used or the underlying concepts. The course has been designed with sufficient caution to ensure comprehension.

If an important topic is found to be missing from the course, it will be made available exclusively online at a mutually convenient time. There won't be a fresh pen drive sent out for that.

If the missing portion accounts for more than 25% of the exam's syllabus in terms of weight, an extra dispatch will be produced. In certain situations, ieltsbureau judgment shall be final and enforceable.

Under no circumstances will money that has already been paid be reimbursed.

In the event of any legal concerns, only Delhi/NCR shall have jurisdiction over the subject.